• Apple Boss Says Apple will Share Corporate Diversity Data

    Apple CEO Tim Cook finds himself in Iowa once again this week as he attends Allen & Co.'s annual Sun Valley conference.

    Not escaping questions from reporters at any point today, Cook was asked if Apple plans to provide the public with any insight as to the true scope of diversity at the world's leading tech giant.

    His answer was direct, though not specific with regard to timelines. "We'll release the information at some point," Cook is quoted by Bloomberg. In other words, Apple will give us the information requested. But as for when? That's to be determined.

    It's no secret that Apple finds itself among the long list of prominent companies that have come under question and fire for purportedly not doing enough to hire more women and minorities for their respective workforces.

    "A group of shareholders has pressed Apple to diversify its leadership ranks and board, which has one woman director," today's report reads.

    Source: Bloomberg
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      yohomie -
      Sir, we see that you are well qualified and perfect for this position, but there is one problem ... you're "Caucasian".
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