• TSMC's A-Series Processors Inbound to Apple

    In what amounts to a definite indicator of looming production, TSMC has reportedly begun shipping A-series processors to Apple as a major product refresh cycle is set to commence in the second half of 2014.

    If sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal are correct, it appears that the goods provided by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. are now inbound in massive quantities to Apple's Asian assembly plants.

    We're told that Apple's decision to phase out Samsung resulted in TSMC beginning to ship its first batch of microprocessors to Apple during the second quarter of this year, although that reality largely went under the media's radar. But now that the shipments are coming fast and furious, it's getting harder to conceal that Apple is, indeed, doing big business with the chipmaker.

    "Apple's order is a big deal to the company. TSMC has assigned a large team to support Apple as you know this client is very picky," an unnamed source in Hong Kong is quoted in this morning's report.

    Source: WSJ
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