• iMovie Ported: Works Great on the iPhone 3GS


    Ok Steve, stop holding it back. We want iMovie on our iPhone 3GS. We didn't upgrade just to be left in the dust. We still have video, there is no reason that iMovie shouldn't work on the 3GS, besides the slower rendering. Come on Steve! Why are you holding out on us.

    Well Steve, if you won't do it, someone else will. An upstanding fellow by the name of David Romhan Torres, has managed to "port", more correctly put, modified, the iMovie app to work on the iPhone 3GS. And guess what? It actually works just fine.

    David Says it's simple.
    "just download the file, modify info.plist file and change the Minimum system version to 3.0.0 and UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities/front-facing-camera to false"
    Taimur from Redmondpie, has put together the video above to demonstrate what David has done. As you watch the video, you can see that the application works just fine. Ok so you can't export an HD video, but that's should be clear as day, because the iPhone 3GS doesn't record HD, so obviously that won't work. But you can still edit, make transitions, and export the final product just fine.

    Apparently you can do this on a 3.1.x firmware as well. It requires a modified .ipa file, which breaks Apple’s DRM so unfortunately you won't be getting any instructions from us, or where to find it. That's up to you. And please do NOT post links to the ipa here. Juts enjoy the fact that it's been done and is out there somewhere for you to enjoy.

    Although, I must conclude by saying, all of this bothers me just a slight bit, and at the same time makes me comforted. If indeed, iMovie can run from a modified ipa no problem, then perhaps Apple DOES still have plans for an iMovie compatible, and all they wanted to do was focus on the iPhone 4 first because it has HD. That would be fantastic, however, if that wasn't the case, it just drive me nuts that Apple would hold this fantastic product back.
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