• Verizon iPhone Sales Estimates Through The Roof

    Within the last twenty-four hours, the prospect of a Verizon iPhone has markedly shifted from the "solid rumor" column into the "tentatively factual" category. As a result, analysts are weighing in on the juggernaut sales potential of the Apple smartphone if yesterday's Bloomberg report about the suspected end of AT&T's exclusivity actually manifests at the start of 2011.

    On Wednesday morning, Yair Reiner of Oppenheimer said that Apple could possibly sell an additional 12 million iPhones yearly if Verizon begins to offer coverage in January when, as it now stands, Verizon is most likely to announce a deal with Apple at the Consumer Electronics Show. But as we've seen everywhere from the Bloomberg report to subsequent reader comments on MMi, not everyone is convinced that a Verizon iPhone is a done deal. Not even Reiner, who was careful to point to longstanding rumors and warned against "popping the champagne too early."

    Nonetheless, the sales implications for Apple would be nearly unfathomable if a Verizon deal ultimately pans out. With estimates "through the roof," Apple would generate some $7 billion in incremental revenue from the projected 12 million additional iPhone sales on an annual basis - a projection that some analysts say might actually be "on the low side."

    Presently carried in the US only by AT&T, Apple still managed to sell roughly 11 million iPhones during the past twelve months. Having the opportunity to sell the iPhone to Verizon's sizable base of 83 million subscribers all but certainly looks more appetizing to the powers that be in Cupertino than possibly any other growth strategy imaginable.
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