• Apple: Calm Down, Shut Up, and Go Away with Your Death Grip Talk

    If we didn't know better here at MMi, I would think that while Steve Jobs has been busy of late telling Apple fans to chill out, breathe, and relax over ridiculous Internet rumors regarding the iPhone 4's perceived reception issues, he's probably trying to tell the same to himself. That is, as more customers report a similar experience with the "Death Grip," Apple is feeling the pressure to do something - anything - to help stop the erosion of the updated smartphone's public luster.

    Our friends at BGR indicate that Steve Jobs has gone on yet another email tirade, telling people to "relax" about the "Death Grip" rumors. “It’s just a phone,” Apple's chief tells one inquiring iPhone 4 buyer. “You’re getting worked up over a few days of internet rumors.”

    Unfortunately for Steve Jobs and everyone else at Apple, many - including no shortage of readers and contributors to MMi - realize there's a bigger problem here than just an "Internet rumor."

    According to the report, one angry customer code named "Tom" was politely informed by Apple that the "hysteria" shouldn't be believed and, as a result of the rampant rumors, he should refrain from perpetuating the cycle of lies and stop posting more comments and videos of the so-called "Death Grip" in action. In other words, Apple told the dude to calm down, shut up, and go away. Hardly a solution to the problem... but to each his own, I guess.

    But "Tom" wasn't happy with Apple's recommendation and spouted off with some words that many of us will likely concur with: “You are going to kill your brand over one product. Apple is coming off arrogant and rude. If there is no fix just tell people so they can return their phones. We have work to do. I have bought just about every apple product made in the last 20 years and this is the 1st time I am ashamed to be a MAC fan.”
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