• Apple Preparing Big iPhone 4, iPad Push in China

    Apple has big hopes for the iPhone 4 and iPad in China. As it turns out, a prominent Chinese PC maker now has the wheels in motion on distributing the iPad in China. On tap for the tablet is a full slate of localized content, an attribute that will greatly increase the iPad's attractiveness within the world's largest mobile community. Apart from the iPad, however, Apple is working with Chinese wireless carriers to get both the iPad and iPhone 4 in as many hands as possible. If all goes as planned, China Unicom will be able to offer coverage for the iPhone 4 and the iPad before year's end.

    The rumors and rumblings about all the above were covered in great detail Thursday by DigiTimes, which reported that Fang Zhongua, the head honcho of a major Chinese PC maker, indicated that his firm is actively working with Apple to bring about the widespread introduction and assimilation of the iPad in China. For the time being, only a handful of distributors are pushing Apple products throughout the nation. According to DigiTimes, the marketing strategy for the iPad will be heavily dependent on that aforementioned slate of heavily localized content offerings and ebooks relevant to the culturally distinct regions within China.

    On top of Apple's product push on the horizon, we're only a few weeks away from the grand unveiling of the second official Apple Store in China. Looking more like a palace beneath a curtain than a retail outlet under construction, expectations for the Shanghai store are high, with many speculating that the glorified glass structure of the facility could very well prove the most beautiful and ornate Apple Store in the world.

    Image Via People Daily (China)
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