• Pixelpipe Allows OTA Uploads of HD Video

    After news that one of the increasingly common one-liner Steve jobs emails promised HD video uploads over the air from your iPhone 4 "in the future," word spread that Pixelpipe's app can already do just that. With 720p uploads to YouTube, Facebook, and "over 100 supported destinations," Pixelpipe's free app [iTunes link] lets you share the HD videos immediately, without the intermediate step of sideloading them to a PC.

    MacDailyNews reader "Chris T." was the latest to write the Apple CEO and demand an answer to a (totally reasonable) question: "What's the point of building in HD video capabilities when the compression upon uploading directly to youtube makes the video's useless and not viewable?" Jobs's response: "You can upload them via a Mac or PC today. Over the air in the future." The limitation - which has been widely lamented - might have be reasonable if it were only imposed on 3G data connections, but the "Send to YouTube" function in the iOS 4 Photos app downsizes video uploaded over WiFi as well.

    Pixelpipe's app, on the other hand, will allow videos up to 200MB in size to be uploaded at full resolution over the air from your iPhone, though it also gives you the option of downsampling your video before uploading it. You can link your Pixelpipe to your Twitter account and load video OTA to your Facebook, YouTube, MySpace (do people still use MySpace?), your blog, Flickr or pretty much any other social networking site you can think of.

    The app is still a little buggy, but it's well worth a try, especially given the alternative. And the (free) price is right...
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