• Report: First Public Beta of OS X Yosemite Coming Tomorrow

    Thursday is shaping up to be a big day. According to published reports Wednesday, Apple is set to roll out the first public beta of OS X Yosemite sometime on Thursday, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop was told by sources at Apple.

    The download will be available for testing purposes before the official public launch later this year.

    "If you plan on participating in the public beta of OS X Yosemite," Dalrymple advises in a post today, "you should use a secondary Mac."

    Dalrymple says he's been using Yosemite since the first developer release. Although he refers to it as being "very stable," he reminds us that it is still in development, "which means things can go wrong. Putting beta operating system software on your production machine is never a good idea."

    Additionally, making a full backup of your machine is advisable, he concludes.

    Source: The Loop
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    1. Christophxr's Avatar
      Christophxr -
      Lol, hopefully by then they fix the icons for shortcuts and weblocs.
    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      I just want them to add the dark version of the OS! Unless they already have and I've just completely missed it.

      EDIT: Yup, I just completely missed it! I love it!
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