• Apple TV Will Be An "Entirely New Product"

    Perhaps the best contemporary headline regarding Apple TV and its past, present, and future was penned by one of MMi's very own. On Tuesday, Paul explained how Apple is poised to take it's "hobby" known as Apple TV off the shelf and back to the forefront of our attention. The article, Apple REALLY About To Move Into TV Now: Rumor, suggests that Apple wants to make a major push into television... again.

    But as of late, our collective excitement about Apple TV has been substantially muted as all the hoopla surrounding the new iPhone and the iPad has effectively relegated Apple TV to the back burner. And now it seems we may never see the "old" Apple TV again.

    According to a report Friday in the New York Times, one unnamed former Apple employee (who recently left the company) revealed that one of the reasons we can't find much info on Apple's plans for their still-lackluster Apple TV is because we're looking in all the wrong places. As it turns out, the more "advanced work" on the new incarnation of Apple TV isn't being performed on familiar territory. Another design group within the company has assumed the workload and design burdens - a move signaling that Apple TV will re-emerge an "entirely new product."

    From Tuesday to Friday, we're learning that Apple is not only taking its "hobby" off the shelf, it's massively redesigning what, by all accounts, hasn't performed as well as other Apple offerings. But with greater interest than ever among the public for fusion between online media and traditional television, it's a safe bet that Apple will dedicate some of its cash (of which there is more than Apple knows what to do with) to help expedite the roll out of a new and improved Apple TV that's actually new and really improved.
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