• Apple Making It As Easy As Possible To Return Your iPhone 4

    There has been no shortage of questions directed our way at MMi in the last day or so regarding Apple's updated return policy. The reason for the questions is because multiple sites and threads across the blogosphere have reported different or outright inaccurate information about Apple's revised return policy as it pertains to the iPhone 4.

    Although Apple clearly states so on its website, some still think its a "rumor" that Apple is waiving restocking fees and extending iPhone 4 returns to 30 days. In fact, this is true. Apple's iPhone 4 memo effectively changed the terms of Apple's iPhone return policy. As it stands, you have one full month to bring back your device for a full refund. If you preordered or purchased online, you have 30 days from the ship date. The usual 10% restocking fee no longer applies.

    Yesterday, Apple finally broke down and admitted (kinda) that the Death Grip is real. In effect, the company acknowledged that there's a "bug" in how the software displays signal-strength bars. A software fix should be available in "a few weeks." But until then - and up until now - the iPhone 4 release has been a public relations nightmare for Apple. Between a botched preorder process and supply shortages on launch, to the discovery of the "Death Grip" and Apple's initial refusal to address the problem, changing the return policy was a masterstroke of genius to help convince potential iPhone 4 buyers to actually bite the bullett and purchase the iPhone 4, since there is essentially no obligation from this point forward.
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