• Reports Confirm Twitch Acquired By Google for $1 Billion

    It has been reported that Twitch will be acquired by Google for $1 billion. VentureBeat has apparently confirmed with many sources that the deal between Google and Twitch has already been shook upon. There were rumors going around for the last few months about the game-live streaming firm being sought after by Google. According to VentureBeat,

    Google has signed a deal to buy game-live streaming firmTwitch for $1 billion, confirmed sources familiar with the matter. We donít know everything about this deal, such as when it will be announced and the exact purchase price. We do know that Twitch investors who participated in past rounds are pleased that they will be getting significant returns that are multiple times the amount they originally invested. [...]

    Google and Twitch declined comment. Both companies happen to be speaking at our GamesBeat 2014event in September. This deal was first cited by unnamed sources from Variety said back in May that Google had made an all-cash offer and that the deal could be announced soon.
    Twitch is a company that is based out in San Francisco and with this service, users can stream gameplay activity from the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, online. Twitch currently has more than 1.1 million members with more than 50 millions active users monthly. VentureBeat has reported that on a monthly basis, more than 13 billion minutes of video are watched on Twitch.

    Neither Google or Twitch has yet to comment on this deal. However, both will be speaking at VenturBeatís September event, GamesBeat.

    Source: VentureBeat
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    1. bPatrik's Avatar
      bPatrik -
      I hope twitch will have a youtube-like advertiser partner system.
    1. tree720's Avatar
      tree720 -
      Good... Maybe they can build more dedicated servers in less fortunate countries like Australia
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