• Retina MacBook Pro Refresh to Reportedly be Released Tomorrow

    Just after the recent spotting of in-store signage regarding refreshed 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro models from an Apple retail store in Chongqing China, the folks over at MacG.co are claiming that the refreshed lineup is set to hit stores tomorrow (July 29th). For those of you who didn’t know the upgraded specs for the upcoming refresh to the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro lineup include a 200 MHz processor speed bump and a standard of 16 GB of RAM across all models in the lineup. The news of tomorrow’s release comes from a reliable source who previously predicted MacBook Air, iMac and iPod Touch updates accurately.

    Additional information on the refreshed Retina MacBook Pros include that both 13-inch and 15-inch models will be seeing minor upgrades with the internal model number, J44a and J45a respectively, pointing towards a processor upgrade. The signage from the picture revealed information about three 15-inch MacBook Pro models that are said to be carrying the refreshed Intel Haswell processors, each of which are 200 MHz faster than the previous lineup offerings. As noted previously, the upgraded Haswell chips were introduced by Intel just last week.

    Although the Retina MacBook Pro upgrade seems to be around the corner, the small refresh is one to hold consumers over until Intel releases its much anticipated (and much delayed) Broadwell family of processors. The Broadwell chips are set to be ready for next year’s refresh.

    Source: MacG.co via Google Translate
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