• Devs Say Apple Tops Android in Cash Potential For Now

    It's no secret that developers say their preferential platforms are those that help them make the biggest bank. And while a record number of developers are building apps by the boatload for either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, Apple comes out on top for generating the most cash for devs. Why? Android has the lowest percentile base of paid-for-apps - but that's just for now, a reality that could soon change as evidenced by the fact that some of the "strongest iPhone publishers have added Android to their portfolio."

    Given the well-known reality that developers take their work where there's the most money available for acquiring it, AppStore HQ has come out with some interesting findings. Having scoured through tens of thousands of records of iOS and Android developers, here's how it all shakes out. iOS can boast some 43,185 developers, while Android is left in the dust at 10,199. Approximately 1400 developers build apps for both platforms.

    While 78% of polled developers saw Apple’s iOS as having the “best near-term outlook” (vs 16% for Android), a majority of the same group (54%) picked Android as having the “best long-term outlook” (vs 40% for iOS).
    While devs who dabble on both platforms may be in the minority, this group of cross-platform developers has done well for itself. As AppStore HQ noted, these devs have enjoyed some of the most high profiled success of any developers. As a result, it's widely anticipated that cross-platform developing will grow in years to come, although the present expenses attributed to building for both Apple and Android platforms will likely curb the immediate growth of the practice. Until the cost of cross production eases some, Apple stands to remain in the top spot for best earning platform for develops. As AppStore HQ observed, Google has made it “pretty hard for Android developers to get found and to make money."

    Image via AppStore HQ
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