• Fraud, Hack Attacks Becoming Major Concerns for Apple

    There was a time when Apple's biggest hacker concern pertained to iPhone users modding and jailbreaking their handsets. Today, the powers that be in Cupertino have bigger worries to contend with. In recent days and weeks, Apple has been the target of more than one substantive hack attack. And this issue extends far beyond fraudulent Steve Jobs' emails and fake online correspondence between Apple and its concerned customers.

    Over the weekend, reports surfaced that all of the App Store applications created by "mycompany" have been pulled following a discovery that this suspected "rogue developer" was up to no good and attempted, among other endeavors, to hack App Store rankings. Other troubling incidents recount users reporting that their individual iTunes accounts have been falsely authorized to purchase large quantities of songs and other digital content. To be clear, these issues do not involve only one lone developer. As a result, digital security analysts have already begun weighing in what appears to be a much more widespread if not concerted effort to hack iTunes and rip off an incalculable number of customers.

    Although few took the consideration seriously just a short while ago, there is more chatter than ever about the future of organized crime. Digital content could very well represent the target of future illegal behavior from groups and organizations that spread out their efforts and work in tandem to achieve what amounts to digital highway robbery. Nonetheless, the swelling security concerns for Apple have bubbled to the forefront of the company's security priorities. With some customers now reporting erroneous purchases of hundreds of dollars worth of digital content, it isn't difficult to imagine the criminal incentive behind such acts and the headaches for Apple and its customers that continue to result from these attacks.
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