• Plants vs Zombies 2 Gets Update With Part Two of New Dark Ages Levels

    Just last month, PopCap updated the popular Plants vs. Zombies 2 game with a slew of new levels based in the Dark Ages. PopCap called the first round of updates Part One of the new Dark Ages levels.

    On Tuesday, PopCap released another update with Part Two of the new Dark Ages levels.

    In the new update, which PopCap dubbed version 2.5.1, Part Two of the new Dark Ages levels includes ten all-new levels and two all-new plants that you can use to combat the zombies. There are also some new enemies that you'll have to face, including a new Wizard Zombie, the new King Zombie, and the Zomboss.

    If you're and existing player and you're ready to challenge yourself with these new levels, then you'll find your update under the Updates tab in the App Store application for free. Alternatively, you can download Plants vs. Zombies 2 for free from this App Store link. Although free, the game does include in-app purchases.

    Sources: App Store
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    1. jilliebean's Avatar
      jilliebean -
      Wow! It looks really good in the iOS system! Will definitely give this a try. Is it for free?

      Another thing: Can I ask you guys some other suggestions for other zombie games? Would really appreciate it! Thank you very much!
    1. jilliebean's Avatar
      jilliebean -
      More power to you guys!
    1. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
      SpiderManAPV -
      Wow... Necrobump much?

      Edit: yes it's free.
    1. SDR89's Avatar
      SDR89 -
      Not sure if it's free, but hey, I saw you were looking for another zombie game? Try Tapslayer then! Really cool weapons they have!
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