• UnlockIt - The APN Changer for iPhone

    Since the iPhone was first released, there has been a constant struggle between Apple and its end users with regards to which carriers and tariffs are compatible with the iPhone. Software unlocks such as ultrasn0w have ensured that iPhone owners are free to choose which carrier they would like to use but once the phone accepts the sim card - that isn’t necessarily the end of the battle.

    Many carriers have data plans which differ from one another, and some are less compatible with the iPhone than others. Unless users are on an “iPhone Data Plan” it is generally hard to reason with their carrier. The settings which carriers send to iPhones are usually specific to the iPhone plans and as such are non-compatible with other plans.

    For example, I have a Blackberry and an iPhone - I don’t want to have to take out two different contracts for my two separate handsets, nor do I wish to call up my carrier and wait 24hrs whilst they change the data plan each time I want to change phones. So what can I do? This is where UnlockIt - APN Changer comes into play.

    UnlockIt is an online service which doesn't require the device to be jailbroken or unlocked. Simply navigate to the site and input the details you wish to use on your phone and APN Changer does the rest. What you are given is a signed profile which your phone automatically installs. It is the equivalent of sending yourself carrier settings which you have customised.

    When I was searching for ways to use my Blackberry sim in my iPhone I was told by countless people that it would either simply not work, or I would run ridiculously high charges for data because the iPhone wouldn’t be using the Blackberry/RIM APN to send/receive data packets.

    A quick check of my carriers smallprint informed me that they use three different APNs on their Blackberry data plan, two of which had unlimited usage included. One of these two was the Blackberry APN, the other was simply Mobile Web/Wap. It was then a case of simply using APN Changer to set the APN to the latter, and I haven’t been charged since.

    In theory, APN Changer can be used to grant much more freedom to iPhone users, particularly when combined with an unlock such as ultrasn0w. Some carriers for example are stopping Unlimited Data plans for the iPhone, however other plans still get the Unlimited Data. Using APN Changer users may switch between phones and data plans easily.

    So although the battle continues between Apple and their end users, APN Changer helps to make life easier for people being pinned down by their carriers and forced into an iPhone contract. APN Changer is currently compatible with all iPhones and has recently been updated to support iOS4.

    With built in settings for most carriers, a custom APN Changer and the ability to set a blank APN which effectively disables data use - UnlockIt APN Changer certainly helps to set free thousands of users who have issues with their carriers.
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