• Is AT&T Capping Your Upload Speed?

    Reports are spreading that upload throughput over 3G is being throttled, in many cases to as little as 100 kb. [ame="http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=960232"]MacRumors[/ame] and Gizmodo are both reporting the speed test results of users on their forums, and complaints have been appearing on Apple's Support forums as well. The throughput drops are are especially noticeable given that many users had specific data of much improved uploads using the iPhone 4, and have fed speculation that AT&T has imposed caps. Neither Apple nor AT&T have returned requests for comment as of this writing.

    When the iPhone 4 was released, users (including me) found a dramatic throughput increase, particularly on uploads. Support for HSUPA improved uploads to 1.5 Mb/s or greater where iPhone 3GSes were getting a maximum of 384 kb/s. Over the weekend, though forum users began posting on MacRumors that uploads had been throttled hard. Users in areas throughout the US were seeing the slowdown, with reports coming in from major metropolitan aareas like New York/New Jersey, Suffolk County/Long Island, Boston, Las Vegas, Houston, Philadelphia/South Jersey, Denver and Washington D.C. as well as smaller cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Northern Colorado, St. Paul, and Kansas City.

    I tested my throughput using the Speedtest.net app at the beginning of last week and saw uploads in the 1.2 Mb/s range. Today I'm seeing the same, and I'm just north of downtown Boston. So there's a possibility that what was seen was a temporary overload of AT&T's network due to people uploading a lot of holiday videos to Facebook, or another AT&T FAIL. We'll have to see what develops, and what AT&T's response is, but meanwhile, please let me know what your upload speed is in comments, especially if you have before/after comparisons from last week.
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