• Updated Fly Delta Apps Bring In-Flight Streaming Content for Passengers

    Delta Airlines recently updated its Fly Delta apps for both the iPhone and iPad, allowing passengers to stream both movies and TV shows through its new Delta Studio initiative. The Delta Studio service provides streaming content, free of charge, to international, First Class and Economy Comfort passengers. Regular Economy class passengers get some of the content for free with the premium content being an additional charge.

    Aside from watching streamed content while on the plane, the app offers several other features as well. These features include browsing various destination guides, the ability to plan a trip, booking additional flights, viewing flight maps, and a feature called “Glass Bottom Jet” which allows users to view what the plane is flying above with landmark information and social content from friends.

    The airline company’s move to offer in-flight entertainment through its apps for iOS devices follows similar moves from other airlines such as Qantas, Hawaiian Airline, United Airlines and American Airlines. Seeing iPads being used on flight is now becoming increasingly popular, not only among passengers but also for pilots. Furthermore, the in-flight entertainment will continue to improve and provide a whole new level of convenience and entertainment for flyers.

    Those of you who are taking a Delta flight soon may want to download the Fly for Delta app for the iPad (or the iPhone). The apps can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

    Source: iTunes (iPad) (iPhone)
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    1. cpotoso's Avatar
      cpotoso -
      If they were smart and a bit less greedy... they could save tons of $$ (both in installation costs and in fuel) by not installing any in-flight entertainment centers and simply allowing streaming from a local server to tablets/laptops/etc. But heck, no... they still want their $10+ "convenience" fee so you can stream to your own device (which you are carrying anyway... so they are still spending the fuel to fly it).
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