• The Original BioShock is set to hit iOS Devices Sometime This Summer

    Those of you who are fans of the BioShock series might be excited to find out that the first installment of the first-person shooter will be making its way to iOS this summer. 2K Games, the publisher behind the game, recently announced that the high-profile console title will be ported to Apple’s mobile platform.

    According to Polygon, the mobile iteration of the game will be sporting the iOS-tuned control scheme (thanks to the Made For iPhone game controller initiative!) and the graphics have to be tweaked to run better on iOS devices. Unfortunately, some of the graphical changes that needed to be made included the removal of the fog and dynamic shadow effects fond in the original game. This dulled down experience may be disappointing for some, including long-time BioShock fans.

    Ben Holschuh of 2K Games had the following to say regarding the upcoming release:

    BioShock was such a huge game back when it released. With more and more people having iPads and iPhones and using that as their core gaming device, there has been a lot more demand lately for some more core experiences.
    No exact release date has been revealed but we do know that BioShock for iOS will be hitting the App Store sometime this summer. As one might expect with a game of this caliber, it will be priced at a “premium” rate so if you want to play BioShock on your iOS device, get ready to fork over more than the average app price.

    Source: Polygon
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    1. thazsar's Avatar
      thazsar -
      Why is this in Mac News, not iOS news?
    1. Ginsu's Avatar
      Ginsu -
      Why is this in iOS news, not Shield news?


      Seriously though, I'd prefer this on my Shield....can't see it playing well on an iPhone, purely because of the limitations of touchscreens.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      I love Bioshock! It's one of the few games that will actually scare the **** out of me if I play it by myself in the dark with surround sound
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