• Apple Lifts Curtain on New Shanghai Flagship

    Apple is gearing up for this weekend's grand opening of its new Shanghai-based flagship store in China. For weeks, the facility has been shielded from public view beneath a big red curtain-like encasing that has, until now, kept hidden the glorified glass structure of the new outlet - China's second official Apple store - which could very well prove to be be the most beautiful and ornate of any Apple storefront in the world.

    It's no coincidence that Apple is opening one of its largest stores in all of Asia at this particular point and time. China is a major priority for Apple. As we've covered in recent days, Apple is getting its ducks in a row for a substantial investment in treasure and time to roll out the iPhone 4 and iPad in grand fashion to the world's largest mobile community - a community that still teems with individuals more willing to turn to the black market for Apple products than Apple itself.

    Although the new Shanghai flagship joins only one other Beijing-based Apple store in all of China, Cupertino has publicly expressed plans to open at least two dozen additional Apple stores in China within the next twenty-four months. The endeavor will go a long way to increase the company's present and relatively dinky market share in that part of the world. And with Chinese customers increasingly more willing to spend big bucks for the iDevices that have set the global consumer electronics market on fire, the move by Apple is simply a case of perfect timing to take aim at China.

    But what will China's growing appetite for Apple products mean for the rest of us around the world? Some analysts say the exposure to new markets could ultimately mean lower prices for the most popular products Apple is currently peddling. But, more than likely, a Chinese buying boom for Apple would almost certainly first result in further supply issues for a company that can barely keep adequate product stocked as it is.

    Image via New York Times
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