• Fring Enables Two Way Video Calling between Multiple Mobile Devices

    Including 3GS to iPhone 4

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUaFaKApPX4]YouTube - face-2-face video calls on fring 4 iPhone 4[/ame]

    The iPhone 4 and FaceTime have introduced some incredible new features that developers can now tap into in regards to Two Way Video Calling and Fring has jumped on the opportunity right away. Back in December fring added video calling support, but the lack of a camera on the front limited video calls to one-way only, until the iPhone 4 brought us a front-facing camera. Now fring has updated their Application to work both ways. That's right, video calling without FaceTime and with multiple devices!

    Obviously you cannot expect extremely smooth video streaming, but considering it can be done over 3G and Wi-Fi, and brings iPhone 4 Users and 3GS users together without FaceTime, it's pretty impressive.

    Furthermore, you can also have these video calls with users on other devices including the Androids and Nokia (Symbian S60).

    With the new fring for iPhone you get lots of fring goodies including 2 way video-calling where you want and with whom you want!

    - Face-to-face video calls with friends on their Droids, Nokia (Symbian S60) and other iPhones
    - Video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi (Performance over 3G is subject to mobile operators' 3G coverage & quality)
    The latest updates is ready for iOS 4 multitasking, includes a new social stream, and a new address book update.

    Download on iTunes.

    Fring in Action: Android and iPhone 4

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