• Apple May Be Waiting For iPhone 4 Jailbreak to Release iOS 4 Software Update

    The chatter from Apple Store sources maintains that if the release of iOS 4.0.1 is delayed, the culprit may be Apple's desire to wait until the iPhone 4 jailbreak is first released. When Apple recently announced a forthcoming firmware update, there was nothing firm about its release date. "A few weeks" is what we were told.

    Well, it could just be that Apple has other objectives beyond correcting those nagging antenna and signal display issues. As with previous attempts by Apple to block exploits used to jailbreak, there is good reason to believe that Apple is endeavoring as we speak to roll out a patch for the hole used to jailbreak iOS 4. Of course, if we go down this road and wonder what else Apple could be waiting for, it's a no-brainer that Apple is on pins and needles waiting for the iPhone Dev Team's jailbreak for iPhone 4, which already exists and was proudly put on display recently much to our prompt salivating.

    While there are sources clamoring about Apple's desire to patch the jailbreak before releasing iOS 4.0.1, it isn't clear how long Apple is willing to put off the release of the firmware update to achieve this "bonus goal." It's certainly not difficult to imagine having this objective in mind, but the longer the company waits to roll out the update, the more frustrated and angry current and prospective iPhone 4 buyers will grow - especially those convinced that a hardware problem can't be corrected with a software update.
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