• Preorders for the Advanced Baby Monitor System, Sproutling, Open to the Public

    Baby monitors havenít changed a great deal since they were first introduced. This is about to change with the new sleep sensor system from Sproutling which brings baby monitoring into the age of apps and wearable technology. It can predict how long your child will sleep given vital signs such as heart rate, temperature and environmental conditions such as light and noise. Sproutling is a more sophisticated system that isnít overly complicated. Parents who use devices such as the Fitbit or the Jawbone will feel right at home with the tracker and app set up.

    The system consists of two gadgets for the baby and an app for the parents. The baby wears an ankle band that monitors the childís vital signs, heart rate and temperature as well as motion and orientation. The second unit is a wireless smart charger that also senses humidity, light, noise and temperature in the bedroom. The monitor gathers 16 different measurements every second to help parents understand various things to keep in mind:

    • If the babyís heart rate is higher or lower than usual
    • When the baby is most likely to wake up
    • If the baby is sleeping on his/her back or rolling over on his/her tummy
    • If the baby is calm, fussy or angry when he/she wakes up
    • If itís too bright or too loud in the room for the baby to sleep comfortably
    • If itís warmer or cooler than the babyís ideal room temperature.
    What makes Sproutling extra interesting is that overtime it learns what to expect from the baby. It then estimates how long a child will sleep based on those body and environmental conditions. This parents a peace of mind and more control over their schedule during their childís infancy. Those of you interested in the product can preorder it starting today on the Sproutling website. The baby monitor is said to retail for $299 while early birds can buy it for $249. Shipments are expected to begin in early 2015.

    Are any of you parents thinking of buying Sproutling?

    Source: Sproutling
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