• More Photos of Alleged iPhone 6 Parts Get Leaked

    More alleged photos of the unreleased iPhone 6 have been leaked and are surfing the internet again. According to Nowhereelse.fr, the pictures feature a ring that surrounds the supposed camera lens, an embedded apple logo for the back of the device, and a variety of internal cables. The ring suggests that there is a possibility of the next generation iPhone having a protruding camera, though we wonder how accurate that is. The picture of the ring may just be a part for the upcoming iPod-Touch since the current model does have a camera lens that protrudes.

    The recently leaked photos give us a small insight on what smaller components are to be found in the next generation iPhone. Itís been weeks now that pictures of the alleged iPhone 6 get released and leaked on the internet. How much of the pictures are actual truths, no one knows. Itís also been rumored that the device has already begun production in time for next monthís release and that the Cupertino-based company will be holding an event for the device on September 9th. For the longest time, rumors have been going around saying there will be one 4.7-inch and one 5.5-inch device to be released at the same time.

    We will have to see how accurate any of these rumors and pictures were when Apple announces its on September 9th. Until then, weíll have to sit back and see what other pictures and rumors will be circulating the Internet.

    Source: Nowhereelse.fr
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