• AT&T's Free 3G MicroCell Giveaway May Be Far Less Widespread Than Believed

    Over the weekend, scant reports began surfacing of AT&T giving away free 3G MicroCells to a select few individuals deemed by the carrier to be 'loyal customers." Since then, adequate coverage has been afforded to these isolated incidents to make it seem as though AT&T has rolled out a massive giveaway rooted in the type of generosity we've never seen from this particular carrier or any other.

    But before we all get our hopes up too high, let's hold our feet more firmly to the ground as we dig deeper into this giveaway, which, by all accounts, is anything but a mega-inventory-threatening campaign to give away tons of mini cell towers. As our friends at Apple Insider reported Monday, AT&T has recently distributed "certificates" to "some customers," that effectively serve as coupons for a free 3G MicroCell, a device that works to boost at-home reception strength via broadband Internet connection.

    So far, the notes have been linked to a highly targeted category of AT&T customers - those who have either logged a long history of complaints (unconfirmed but highly suspected) or are only weeks away from the end of their two year contract. The carrier's motive, logically, could be to help retain some customers through this MicroCell ploy and potentially bate other customers into staying as a result of the heady one-two punch born of a positive PR boost and the prospect of getting something for free by staying with AT&T.

    As far as we can tell, however, the letter from AT&T promising a free 3G MicroCell with no hidden costs or other strings attached has reached only a very, very, very - dare I say "micro" - base of AT&T subscribers. But the clever carrier is picking up the most positive PR it's received in months as a result of the move. That's all fine and good... just don't be under any illusion that you're next in line for a free 3G MicroCell. You're probably not.

    Apple Insider
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