• Xbox One to Feature New Live TV Streaming Service on Apple's iPhone and iPad

    Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One console will be giving users the ability to stream live TV on their iOS devices soon, including the iPad and iPhone while playing a game. It seems they are hoping the media options given, will win over more fans. The feature will be offered via the SmartGlass app, which is automatically equipped along with the console. Apparently, users will be able to watch TV without their gameplay session being interrupted.

    The service will be arriving in Europe first because Microsoft is testing their Xbox One digital TV tuner in Europe. Countries included are Spain, UK, Italy, and Germany and the device is expected to roll out in October sometime. More markets are expected to be added to the list at some point. Channels will chosen from the tablet once the app is updated with streaming support. Similar to DVR, users will also be able to rewind and pause during live TV.

    Are you looking forward to this new feature? Let us know your thoughts below.

    Source: PCMag
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    1. Ambi_Valence's Avatar
      Ambi_Valence -
      Goodbye Apple TVvvvvvv.

      Unless there’s a hidden cost involved of course.
    1. LittleJob's Avatar
      LittleJob -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ambi_Valence View Post
      Goodbye Apple TVvvvvvv.

      Unless thereís a hidden cost involved of course.
      Similar to a slingbox, which has been around for years...
      you will also need to purchase an "Xbox One digital TV tuner" form the looks of things.
    1. SirZyrion's Avatar
      SirZyrion -
      Why would I purchase a digital tv tuner when we've already paid for cable and connected it to my XBox One? Just to be able to watch TV while I'm gaming? They could have just made the snap window bigger. *shrug* I hate to say it, but my XBox One seems rather gimmicky. Must be a Samsung joint project LMAO!
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