• Tom Hanks Releases Typerwriter iPad App Called Hanx

    It has been noted in the past, that popular actor Tom Hanks, remains a typewriter diehard. However, he has recently taken that passion digital, releasing an iPad app known as Hanx. The actor can now officially add app developer to the list of thing he has done. Hanx makes it so that users can relive the typewriter experience, but on a tablet instead. A delete button is included in the app, which of course, has some modifications for the modern age. The app was a collaboration between actor Tom Hanks and game and mobile app development studio Hitcents. According to Hanks,

    Hanx Writer is just my little gift to the future Luddite hipsters of the world.

    Hanx includes a few in-app purchases for other features and themes for users. The app is very functional because users can AirDrop print, share their documents over e-mail, and more.

    Hanx is a 22.3MB free iPad download from the App Store. Keyboards and unlocked packs are available via in-app purchase.

    Source: iTunes, Twitter
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    1. Ravenleigh's Avatar
      Ravenleigh -
      Very nice, I like it, I just wish we could like, make it the default typewriter on the device. I'd pay double for that option.
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