• planetbeing Confirms Working Unlock & Jailbreak on iPhone 4

    A recent twitter update from @planetbeing gives more confidence to hopeful iPhone 4 owners waiting for the unlock from the dev team. Just under an hour ago, planetbeing (David Wang) posted the following messages on his twitter account:

    From the looks of things, the iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock is stable and working on the iPhone 4. It is still suspected that the dev team are waiting for Apple to release 4.0.1 before making their jailbreak public. We chatted with Wang this morning about the unlock, and he mentioned Apple's definitely catting this mouse (or is it the other way around?):

    Apple has thrown in a few extra tricks targeted specifically at previous unlocks (including blacksn0w and ultrasn0w) in order to mitigate the damage we can do (i.e. unlocking the phone) even if we found a bug. But we got around it. :P
    Although we have no official word on a release date, based on these twitter posts, the team have ironed out most of the creases! Of course this is all still low level stuff - they'll still be streamlining it for simplicity and ease of install.

    We'll be keeping you updated as the situation progresses!

    UPDATE: Another recent tweet, this time from @MuscleNerd sheds more light on the unlock progress:

    MuscleNerd: We think we have 3 different ways to unlock once inside BB (the 3rd way was first to fully work for @planetbeing !)
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