• Tydlig Calculator App Currently Free in Apple's Apple Store App

    This month, being back to school month, Apple is celebrating four themes in its Apple Store application for iOS one each week for getting into the back to school spirit. The themes are 1. Get Going, 2. Head Out, 3. Work Hard, 4. Wind Down. The themes are aimed towards college students more so than others.

    This week, Apple is celebrating working hard. The Cupertino-based company is offering Tydlig, an amazing calculator application on the iOS platform with re-imagined controls and features. Features include being able to reference previous calculations and even sharing calculation results in different ways, such as printing, PDF sharing, and more. You can annotate just about anything within the application and graphing features are included in addition to the general calculator features.

    The application, which is normally $2.99, is available for free via the Apple Store application's Stores tab:

    From here, you will be able to follow the "An App for College" link and you'll find a brief description about the application, as well as a large green "Download Now for Free" button that'll take you right to the App Store to be downloaded. The Apple Store application will auto-insert a promo code for you, and all you'll have to do is sign in with your Apple ID and your application will begin downloading for you.

    You can check out the Tydlig Application from the App Store at this link. To get it for free, you'll need to download Apple's Apple Store application for free from this App Store link.

    Sources: Apple Store via iDownloadBlog
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    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      Says it's $2.99
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sniper488 View Post
      Says it's $2.99
      It's free if you follow the link from the Apple Store application. Don't search the App Store.
    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      Ok, got it, thanks!

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    1. chusfriends's Avatar
      chusfriends -
      Wow!! Great app!! I was hopping to get it for free... now I can!!
    1. bonum83's Avatar
      bonum83 -
      Link still says 2.99
    1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
      Anthony Bouchard -
      Quote Originally Posted by bonum83 View Post
      Link still says 2.99
      You only follow the link to read more about what the application does.

      You do not use the link to download the application. You open your "Apple Store" application from your home screen and download it from that application.
    1. mskitty's Avatar
      mskitty -
    1. Roadw3's Avatar
      Roadw3 -
      I'm not finding any link in the apple app.
    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      You have to go to a store and look under there.

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    1. talkin73's Avatar
      talkin73 -
      Never mind. Figured out.
    1. jerry69's Avatar
      jerry69 -
      called: An "App for University" in Canada
      works perfectly..
      use your iphone/ipad, click on link and install it
      open new "Apple Store" app and hit "stores" at the bottom, then click "an app for college" (or university)
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