• EPEAT Tablet Registry Indicates that Apple's iPad is Dominant in its Category

    After Apple nearly removed itself from the Electric Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) registry two years ago, the company appears to be leading the charge into the program’s new Tablets/Slates category. Apple’s four iPad models seem to account or 134 of the 135 tablets on the list, although the number of entries appears to be growing at a quick rate. Even though Apple is represented by the various configurations of the iPad Air, the iPad mini, the iPad with Retina display and the iPad mini with Retina display, the only non-iPad model currently on the list appears to be the Dell Venue 11 Pro.

    The Green Electronics Council CEO, Robert Frisbee, came to the early inclusion of more than 100 tablets in a blog post which announced the new category earlier this week. Ironically it didn’t mention that they were all essentially Apple products. The following was mentioned regarding the matter:

    We are pleased at Participating Manufacturers’ enthusiasm to register these new products. In less than one week more than 100 slates/tablets have been registered in EPEAT, and we expect to see many more in the weeks and months to come. These products are an exciting addition to EPEAT and an important step into reducing the environmental impacts of a major new product type. We are confident the new products are leaders in their category.
    For those of you who didn’t know, Apple has a shaky past with EPEAT. The Cupertino California company previously wanted to withdraw from the registry than ended up reversing its decision. EPEA responded with a pledge to work with Apple and possibly adapt its judging standards to be more compatible with the company’s product designs. The Apple product lineup is now represented in several EPEAT categories. The Cupertino California company appears to have earned a gold star rating for all of its eligible products.

    Source: EPEAT (blog)
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