• Some iPhone 4 Buyers Think Devices Are Already Being Built Differently

    Gizmodo and iFixit are giving widespread attention to new reports that allege Apple is already revamping its iPhone 4 building process to curb the lingering reception issues and so-called "Death Grip" phenomenon. Naturally, even without "sources" and "reports" corroborating this suspicion, one would only hope that Apple is doing something internally to prevent more potentially defective or flawed products from entering the marketplace.

    Those I've spoken with who have purchased iPhone 4s within the past few days and discovered a more recent production run haven't yet experienced the same nagging antenna bug that sparked the recent turmoil. While Apple hasn't formally announced a manufacturing change, the iPhone 4 population among us is so substantial (and still growing) that it is monumentally difficult to assess if the most recently produced iPhone 4s are no longer experiencing the problems of the first production runs.

    "We've received only one report," notes Gizmodo,"so take it with a hill of salt: A Gizmodo reader claims that, after Apple replaced his iPhone 4, he couldn't reproduce the sharp loss of signal. He says that the hardware seems slightly different." This report, however, coincides with the findings of an iFixit investigation. "We got an independent report of a similarly updated phone from a member of our community," notes a report on the iFixit blog, "so we decided to investigate. We exchanged one of our units (that had been experiencing unrelated problems with its Bluetooth connection) to see Apple has changed the manufacturing process since their initial production run."

    Needless to say, it will take some time to better assess whether Apple has already begun an unspoken recall of sorts by stealthily revising the manufacturing and product build of the iPhone 4.

    Stay tuned...

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