• iOS 4.1 Beta Now Available To Developers

    Could this be it? The infamous iOS 4.1 update?! You bet it is! Now available through Apple's Developer Center, iOS 4.1 Beta is available for download. This is news we have all been anticipating for some time now, but the question here is, what exactly are we getting in iOS 4.1? Will our antenna issues be solved, or will they simply be "masked"?

    The releases notes don't go into detail about any fixes, however they do state that support for the iOS 4 preview version of Game Center will be phased out soon. There is some discussion about renaming some files, and some string changes, but nothing extremely interesting.

    UPDATE: Reports of users experiencing no change in signal quality for those that have been having the "death grip" problem.

    UPDATE: It appears that the iOS 4.1 update includes the signal bar changes that Apple had promised that "will adjust how signal strength bars are calculated and displayed." This includes making the bars larger than they were before so it's easier to identify the signal strength

    The change will adopt a recently recommended formula from AT&T that will more accurately display actual signal strength at any given time. The update will also increase the size of the smaller bars (1, 2, and 3) to make them easier to see.
    As expected, the modem firmware has also now been updated to 02.07.01. This means: JAILBREAKERS AND UNLOCKERS NEED TO STAY AWAY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Remember all that hard work planetbeing just showed us? Do yourself a favor and do not update yet, so that you too may utilize the unlock method he has found in the future.

    What might be particularly exciting to most of our readers, is that this release, once public, could mean that our next Jailbreak Tool will be unleashed upon us all. However, I wouldn't get too excited yet, this is just the SDK Beta. Once this baby goes public, keep your eyes peeled for an iOS 4.0 Jailbreak. So that means, REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR SHSH BLOBS!

    Source: Apple
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