• Report: September iPhone 6 Sales Won't Be Hampered by Supply Shortages

    If you're an investor concerned that potential iPhone 6 display shortages may hamper early iPhone 6 sales, you can put your mind at ease.

    Or so says JP Morgan. The financial and banking juggernaut says there will essentially be "no impact" on iPhone 6 sales resulting from prospective component shortages.

    On Monday, addressing rumors of product launch delays or shortages resulting from an inadequate number of iPhone 6 displays, J.P. Morgan analyst Rod Hall says even if such speculation is legitimate, it won't translate to a negative impact on consumer interest and corresponding sales.

    The iPhone 6, he says, could be an epic sales behemoth upon its market introduction in the coming weeks.

    "This sounds like a typical late-in-the-game supply chain story that turns out to have no impact on launch dates or devices sales," Hall says of the speculative supply chain chatter. "We believe that initial supply could be slowed somewhat if there is any truth to this but we doubt that iPhone unit volumes in the fall are likely to be impacted."

    iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled September 9th, with a formal product rollout likely on September 19th.

    Source: JP Morgan (via AppleInsider)
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    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      If my memory serves me correctly, I believe the only iPhones that did not encounter a shortage was the initial iPhone of 2007 and both iPhone 3G/3GS. Since the iPhone 4, Apple has had shortage/screen issues that have caused delays. With the # of possible users that have been waiting a lifetime for a larger screen, this will be huge seller. Unless they have stock piled a bunch of these, i would expect delays as usual :]
    1. FireSpyder's Avatar
      FireSpyder -
      September 1st is on a Monday, not Tuesday...
    1. tridley68's Avatar
      tridley68 -
      Great news bring on the 5.5 please Apple take my money.
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