• Lion to Include iPhone-like Find My Mac Feature

    Find My iPhone has saved quite a few iDevices since it was introduced as part of Appleís revamped MobileMe service back in June of 2009. Since then, authorities have actually apprehended quite a few would-be iPhone snatchers through the use of this ingenious service. Now it seems that the Mac is destined to get its own version of this service dubbed, Find My Mac. It is expected to be part of the next Mac OS X Lion update when it comes out later this summer.

    Recently, thereís been some speculation as to whether or not the Find My Mac feature would actually make it into the final release of Lion. A bit of evidence has surfaced, however, with the discovery of a Find My Mac icon buried deep inside the Mac OS X 10.7 developer preview. This new icon is very nearly identical to the iOS version.

    Another interesting feature that has surfaces is something called Find My Mac Messenger. Currently, there is no indication other than the title as to what this new feature exactly is. Presumably, itís an instant messenger of some kind, designed to communicate with the owner of a lost device, in much the same way as the iOS version works today.

    Until Apple releases Mac OS X Lion to the world this summer, weíll just have to wait and see what new features make the cut. Itís more than likely that there are still a few surprises waiting in the wings. I look forward to being able to track my MacBook if Iím ever unlucky enough to lose it. Now I just hope no one is tracking me.

    Source: 9to5 Mac
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