• Samsung's New Ad Asks NYC Public to Compare Galaxy Tab S to Apple's iPad Air

    Samsung recently posted a new ad to its YouTube account where the company took to New York City streets and asked consumers to compare the Galaxy Tab S to the iPad Air. Unsurprisingly, the results heavily favored the Samsung tablet over Apple’s offering.

    The ad is hosted by a young man named Deval, who invites people on the street to compare the two tablets primarily on its physical features such as thinness and weight. Several streetgoers claim that the Galaxy Tab is light and thinner. The displays are also mentioned briefly with the spokesman stating the Galaxy Tab S boasts “almost 1 million more pixels” when compared to the iPad. When it comes to the display, the public in the commercial also claimed that the resolution of the Samsung tablet was superior.

    The South Korean tech giant has been testing various marketing strategies in the past few months, most of which have been aimed directly at Apple. This new ad seems to be no different as Samsung continues to try and fight for control over both the mobile phone and tablet market with Apple being its main competitor in both segments.
    What did you think of Samsung’s most recent ad? Share your thoughts and comments below!

    Source: Samsung (YouTube)
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    1. twigwonderkid's Avatar
      twigwonderkid -
      Sammy , Sammy Sammy, why don't your sales show that then. Please please please invent something. Apple bring out smartphone, Sammy brings out smart phone, apple brings out tablet Sammy brings out tablet, apple adds better pixel screen, Sammy brings out more pixel screen, apple makes thinner tablet Sammy brings out thinner tablet, please do something interesting . STOP COPYING !!
    1. scorpio71rick's Avatar
      scorpio71rick -
      Makes me wonder out of the many people they approach in New York City, how many really said they liked the Galaxy better, maybe just the few on the video.........and would actually trade in there ipad for the Galaxy. I know I would not for that samsung crap.
    1. Rob_1980's Avatar
      Rob_1980 -
      I'm a fan of apple products, so biased opinion, however, I think its fair to say, its pretty easy to compare two items and be sure of one being preferred over the other if its a newer model, apple could release an iPad next month better again and do a similar video..

      Not trying to take anything away from the samsung tablet, my TV is a samsung, and I rate that over many others, so I can imagine the display is very nice, but, nothing anyone else couldn't do equally as good.
    1. trialnterror's Avatar
      trialnterror -
      Ask about usability and ecosystem! Ease of use! Not just weight and pixels. The weight difference is seriously 004 grams different. And the tabS is plastic! (Polycarbonate ) sorry I still pick iPad , where were the apple users! Oh wait they edited that portion out! 465 grams to 469! Big difference NOT!
    1. barondebxl's Avatar
      barondebxl -
      Samsung wins again!
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