• Outage Hits Apple's iTunes Store, Fixed Almost Six Hours After

    It was reported on Tuesday afternoon by Apple that an unknown issue was affecting users in downloading, purchasing, and re-downloading content from Apple’s iTunes Music Store, iBookstore, and App Store. Information regarding this outage was reported through the company’s system status webpage. The page stated that users ‘may be unable to access multiple stores or make purchases’ due to the outage. The outage and unknown issue went out for five plus hours.

    Users reported that they were receiving an error message stating, “this item is temporarily unavailable” when trying to download and purchase. Others had an issue re-downloading items that had already been purchased via the iOS App Store as well as the Mac App Store. Some experienced this issue, meanwhile others had no interruption in the iTunes Store service. Service finally returned and was sailing smoothly after about a five and a half hours downtime.

    If you go to Apple’s status page now, you will see that everything is green and working fine.

    Source: Apple
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Apple isn't saying why? They have to be one of the most opaque companies ever.
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