• $20K in College Scholarships to be Given Out by Apple as Part of Diversity Initiative

    Apple recently announced two $10,000 scholarships for minority university students who are looking to work in the tech industry in the future. Titled The "Product Integrity Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship,” Apple’s Product Integrity group allocated the awards. In order to be eligible for the scholarships, candidates have to be women of Hispanic, African American, or Native American descent and will be attending an accredited institution in fall of 2015. Candidates also have to be sophomores at minimum in a bachelor’s degree program, or can be looking to obtain their Master’s or Doctorate degree in computer science or similar field.

    One award asks students to design proposals for a test track. This test track is to be used in a vehicle that will take astronauts to Jupiter’s moon Europa. Material suggestions, design renderings, and more need to be supplied. The second award called the ‘sensor’ asks candidates to present a new sensor for an Apple product. Applicants have to provide detail manufacturing, quality, safety, as well as benefit for users and the sensor’s features.

    Applicants for the scholarships will also be considered for an internship from Apple’s rolling program. Positions can go anywhere from hardware systems testing to software engineers and higher. It is likely that the positions will be during the fall and spring semesters of college. The Cupertino-based company published their diversity report for the first time in August and these scholarships seem to stem from the company’s efforts for diversity in the workplace.

    Source: Apple
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      wtbman -
      Of course like nearly every other scholarship this discriminates against Caucasian males... When will the racism end? /not sarcasm
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