• iOS Devs Told They Can't Upload Apps through iTunes Connect After July 22nd

    Late last night, registered iOS developers began receiving email notifications from Apple indicating a big change is coming this Thursday, July 22nd. According to the message, developers can no longer submit or even update their apps (those available in the Apple App Store) through iTunes Connect.

    Beginning July 22, you will need to use Application Loader to submit your binary to iTunes Connect.
    Despite a longstanding preference by Apple to have devs submit and tweak their apps via the online iTunes Connect client, the native Mac application dubbed "Application Loader" shouldn't present too many obstacles to maintaining business as usual for developers. Of course, the move does strike some as particularly interesting if not arbitrary. But, in the big picture, the shift to app submissions through "Application Loader" should ultimately be well received, given its well known fast upload speeds along with other attributes that outpace iTunes Connect in terms of both stability and functionality.

    If you have installed iPhone SDK 3.2 or later, you can access Application Loader from the Utilities folder (/Developer/Applications/Utilities/Application Loader.app). You can also download Application Loader from iTunes Connect.
    Additionally, "Application Loader" is primed and ready for apps with the "in-app purchase" API, effectively helping developers take full advantage of the newer, more sophisticated components of iOS 4 and the increasingly lucrative opportunities that have been heavily promoted by Apple in recent weeks and months.
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