• Are You A Safe Driver?

    State Farm recently released their Driver Feedback app so you can accurately assess just how reckless of a driver you are. Now you will know if the screams of your passengers are warranted.

    The app, downloadable for free via the App Store, uses the iPhones accelerometer to assess the driver's speed, braking, and cornering. You simply start the app before driving, have it in your possession somewhere in the car, and the app gives a rating for each of the aforementioned categories. You can even share your scores with friends.

    Sharing you are not with State Farm (Yoda Reference, thought that was obvious...). They claim they aren't collecting any of the data or scores provided by the app. This means you can drive recklessly and avoid an adjustment to your insurance rates.

    The app allows drivers to see "hotspots" where their driving was unsafe. Drivers can compare two trips against each other as well. The app provides helpful tips too like: you are supposed to avoid the children in the crosswalk signs. And here I thoughtI was competing for a high schore every time.

    The app, in my few times using it, seems to provide a fairly accurate representation of your driving habits. However, I don't see safe driving scores becoming the braggarts new ammo.

    Sources: State Farm
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