• Planetbeing Tweets Progress: "Loader is done"

    All eyes in the jailbreak community were briefly directed this morning to Geohot's proxy Mike Cohenn on Twitter, who asked: "What's a good time to make it ra1n?" Despite initial expectations of an imminent jailbreak release, we're still waiting for any further info from the on-again-off-again "retired" Geohot and his back-channel messengers.

    Here's a sign of real JB progress...

    What is exponentially more exciting and pertinent to our jailbreak community is the tweet from Planetbeing just moments ago: "Loader is done. Now just need to make a new dylib for the main OS piece." We may not yet know when it's going to "ra1n," but a flood of attention is now rightfully being directed toward Planetbeing.

    Please, as a show of respect and courtesy, do not deluge Planetbeing with questions and comments. As noted in his subsequent tweet: "People are working their *** off on the jb. It's not like we sit around and talk about how much we enjoy watching users suffer." Planetbeing is clearly on top of things... and now that we're in the loop on the latest, there's a good chance more juicy info will be forthcoming.
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