• Surprise, You Really Like AT&T

    Confounding expectations built up through three years of complaints and previous studies showing AT&T clients as the least satisfied among customers of the major US carriers, a new survey from the Yankee Group shows that 73% of iPhone users are actually "very satisfied" with AT&T's service. Objections have been raised to the methodology of the study, including that it ignores the location of the respondents, which tends to obscure the fact that most AT&T service problems are in cities.

    The study's author credits the so-called iPhone "halo effect" for the positive impressions of AT&T. Carl Howe told CNNMoney.com that "consumers transfer the high gloss of their Apple iPhone experience to AT&T." Unsurprisingly, AT&T says it's all a misunderstanding. "There's a gap between what people hear about us and what their experience is with us. We think that gap is beginning to close," Mark Siegel, an AT&T spokesman, said in a statement, adding "we have a great network."

    No details were available from the Yankee Group website on how the survey was conducted or even how many iPhone users were contacted. Carolina Milanesi, vice president of mobile devices research at Gartner Group told NewsFactor's Adam Dickter that the results didn't line up with her studies. "My comments are based on feedback from clients we have in the U.S., especially in metropolitan areas, and my personal experience when roaming on the AT&T network." she said. "I have to admit I am very surprised by the results."

    A Consumer Reports study done last year found that AT&T had the worst rating among major carriers in terms of quality, service availability, circuit capacity, dropped-call frequency, and voice service. The study, surveying 50,000 users in 26 cities, gave top ranking to Verizon Wireless.

    Source: CNN
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