• AT&T May Release Not-So-New Data Plans July 25th

    There are reports this weekend of AT&T preparing to roll out a rebundling of its wireless plans beginning tomorrow, July 25th. On the heels of Paul's report earlier that a Yankee Group survey indicates that 73% of iPhone users are actually very satisfied with AT&T's service, now comes word that the carrier will begin a big push of newly created data plans with which to entice both current and prospective customers.

    As reported by Engadget, it appears AT&T's new marketing effort behind the new data plans will concentrate on text messaging. Of course, from the looks of things, it doesn't appear that the plans expected to arrive tomorrow will be greatly different from anything we've seen before. Instead, AT&T is widely expected to unveil smaller messaging plans and a new pay-per-use program that could be either very cheap or ridiculously expensive depending on the type of mobile user you are.

    We've also confirmed that nothing at all should be changing (you can still add select messaging plans to PPU options) in terms of pricing -- it's mostly just reshuffling the furniture, if you know what we mean.
    Of course, AT&T isn't the only carrier tinkering with new data plans. It is believe that as early as this coming Thursday, Verizon will similarly release a new slate of more limited data plans. Multiple major media outlets have reported that Verizon is likely to follow suit with AT&T and effectively kill the unlimited data plan option.

    Whatever AT&T has planned, however, the company is operating from a position of strength. On Thursday, the carrier announced strong quarterly earnings, noting that the exclusive US iPhone carrier activated 3.2 million Apple handsets in the last quarter alone. AT&T says its huge sales and iPhone activation came in at a rate of 10 times higher than that seen last year with the iPhone 3GS.

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