• Dock Amplifies iPhone Speaker and Magnifies Display Without Power

    The Hive dock, created by Jake Waitzman, uses no power, or electricity to amplify the iPhone's onboard speaker and magnify the screen to two times its size. According to Waitzman's Kickstarter page, the Hive Dock works by simply placing a "Fresnel lens parallel to the iPhone's Retina Display at a set distance of 4 inches" and "channeling the sound into a concave chamber that projects the sound upward and outward to the listener's ears."

    Of course, the audio part of this has been available for years - the video being the interesting piece here.

    Waitzman is looking to secure $150,000 in funding to cover production cost for the first run of Hive Docks. Waitman and his co-creators are currently accepting pledges at Kickstarter.com. Kickstarter, to the unfamiliar, is a site dedicated to helping start-ups and projects secure funding. Movies, video games, applications, and all sorts of entrepreneurial efforts can be found on the site.

    Waitzman estimates that he will need 3,333 customers to pre-order the $45 device to earn the requisite money needed to start production. If you're feeling generous and don't necessarily want to shell out the $45 for a pre-order you can pledge as little as $1 and earn a Twitter follow as your reward. Or if you sneeze money and have extra rolls of $100 bills toilet paper under the sink, you can pledge $1,999 or more and get the following:

    Twitter follow + Hive t-shirt + Pre-order Hive + 2 additional Hive + 1 of 3 Hive prototypes (limited qty, so first come, first served) + 1 serving of my homemade Chocolate Covered Bacon + An hour with our design team plus initial sketches of your concept + The band Vulture Whale will write and record a song and video just for you.
    Sources: Kickstarter
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