• Apple Continues to Quietly Bash Competitors and Bulk Up Antenna Page

    Apple may be trying to look past the "death grip" debacle that has dogged the iPhone 4 since its release, but given that many Apple loyalists and critics continue to poke and prod around the lingering antenna and reception concerns of the updated 4th generation iPhone, Cupertino remains relentless in keeping a death-grip death-hold on its competition in the smartphone space.

    If you haven't visited Apple.com's dedicated antenna page within Apple.com lately, then you're missing out on the latest victim tossed beneath Apple's runaway train: the Motorola Droid X. Joining a lengthy list of rival devices, the Droid X is depicted on video dropping all the way to zero bars when held improperly. This is similarly what other video and written content portrays on the Apple site for RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC's Android Droid Eris, Samsung's Windows Mobile Omnia II, and Nokia's N97.

    Executives at Motorola are yet to respond to Apple's decision to drag the Droid X into the mix, but its a safe assumption that some formal comments will be forthcoming. Only hours after Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the world at the now infamous "Antennagate" press conference that the death grip was a media phenomenon that had been vastly exaggerated, executives from RIM and Samsung fired back at Jobs and Apple for the "low blow" and for trying to drag down others in light of Apple's unique PR nightmare.

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