• Apple's 18-Karat Gold Apple Watch May Cost Consumers $1,200

    As we all already know, the Apple Watch will be coming in different band colors, styles, materials, and two different sizes. However, there will be an Edition Version made with 18-karat gold, which TechCrunch reported will presumably cost consumers $1,200. Apparently, TechCrunch spoke with jewelers who estimated the price of the device by basing it off of the size and weight of the wearable.

    Chad Rickicki, a watch expert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said that a case the size and shape of the Apple Watch in 18 carat gold would cost about $600 to make. The rest -- the electronics and markup could double that price.

    That doesn't mean that all of the Apple Watches will rest in the rarified air of haute horlogerie. The lower end sport versions will start at $349 and presumably the standard versions, simply called Apple Watch, will receive a premium over that. The Edition watches, however, are expensive because gold is expensive, even at 18K and intermixed with Apple's alloys.
    The exact pricing of the device is currently unknown as Apple has yet to confirm anything other than the starting price being $349. The exact dimensions of the devices are also unknown, so all prices reported are rough estimates. The Cupertino-based company’s website noted that the 18-karat gold Apple Watch is ‘twice as hard as standard gold.” Rumors also circulated the web claiming the device will be wrapped in a special box which will act as charger as well.

    Will you be purchasing the Edition version, or will you be looking at the lower priced configurations? Let us know below.

    Source: TechCrunch
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    1. jeremynmo2's Avatar
      jeremynmo2 -
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      I was thinking 5-$700. Looks like an exclusive club to me.
    1. uri8472's Avatar
      uri8472 -
      Anyone else reminded of Dennis Hopper's line from Speed, "[...] it's a cheap gold watch, buddy!" I say it's relevant as the gold looks just as fake as on those retirement watches like in the film.
    1. FlyingJoey's Avatar
      FlyingJoey -
      If it's 1,200 bucks sure why not. I just hope that the things lasts and that apple care will cover issues with it when they come up.

      What I haven't read anywhere is... is this thing going to be water proof?
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