• Unlocked iPhone 4s to Hit Canada on Friday

    While the jailbreak community continues to absorb news of Monday's announcement by the Federal Government that, for all intents and purposes, iPhones can now be unlocked and legally jailbroken (even though Apple's warranty will likely still be voided as a result of the action by consumers) today comes news of another excitement development in the world of liberated iPhones.

    This Friday, when the iPhone 4 is scheduled to debut in Canada, it seems the device will arrive already unlocked. In other words, Apple will be selling unlocked iPhone 4s through Bell, Rogers and Telus and, thus, iPhone 4 owners have the option to select their preferred wireless carrier.

    Best of all, users can come and go with the carriers of their choice all over the world via SIM cards from other regional carriers. Unfortunately, the only downside of the dawn of the unlocked iPhone 4 is the price tag. The 16-gig version will run you $659 and the 32-gig iPhone 4 is $779.

    From CBC News:

    Industry analysts say Apple's move puts a higher value on the iPhone 4 in Canada than in the United States, where customers currently have only one carrier, AT&T, as an option for the device.
    Back in the US, however, the emergence of an unlocked iPhone will no longer be an altogether foreign concept for most users. Thanks to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and its high-profile supporters, the Federal Government ultimately sided with the iPhone freedom fighters and effectively authorized "jailbreaking," which comes as one of a few important new exemptions from a federal law "that prohibits the circumvention of technical measures that control access to copyrighted works."

    CBC News
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