• Apple Deletes Competitor Smartphone Demonstrations from Antenna Page

    Unless you habitually linger around Apple's recently launched antenna-dedicated page within the Apple website, you may not have noticed a significant update this weekend to the page that launched after the formal Apple press conference that aimed to mitigate the fallout from "Antennagate" by effectively arguing that all smartphones have a similar and unavoidable "death grip."

    Incredibly, when the page first went live, it displayed videos of such iPhone rivals as the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the HTC Droid Eris, the Motorola Droid X, the Nokia N97 Mini, and the Samsung Omnia II. The demonstrations served up illustrations of how these particular devices similarly dropped calls and bars when held improperly. Apple's initial posting of the images and video within this controversial page prompted a wave of criticisms and responses from the makers of those smartphones, all of which compete with the iPhone.

    Today, however, the videos are gone - although they remain on YouTube and floating about the Internet in myriad other places. In their place are images and content centered around the ornate and sophisticated test lab that Apple uses to perfect their products and ensure proper attenuated signal for its hugely popular handset. Not surprisingly, though, the dropped videos in question can still be found on the Canadian version of the Apple website. Canada, of course, just received the iPhone 4 and, as a result, Apple will likely continue pushing its antenna page to Canadian consumers until the initial rush of iPhone 4 purchases slows along with more to-be-expected death grip complaints.

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