• Apple Relied On Its Own Content Delivery Network (CDN) for its iOS 8 Rollout

    With its recent iOS 8 rollout, Apple apparently opted to handle the traffic through an in-house content delivery network (CDN) as opposed to having the traffic hit third-party systems hard. DeepField, the internet monitoring firm, claims Apple used its own content delivery infrastructure to handle the majority of iOS 8 traffic which makes it the first time the company has utilized its CDN for a large-scale rollout.

    Before this particular case with iOS 8, Apple usually turned to third-party CDNs such as Akamai for large distribution jobs. It appears the company took on more responsibility this time around as it utilized its own servers instead. DeepField did point out that Akamai still helped the Cupertino California company manage some of Apple’s iOS 8 traffic but Apple ended up taking on most of the heavy lifting.

    DeepField CEO Craig Labovitz said the following regarding the matter:

    It really was a significant coming out party for the Apple CDN. This is definitely a realization that Apple is not just a software player. They're not just a maker of PCs. They have an Internet backbone and an international Internet presence.
    According to his analysis, iOS 8 downloads ended up eating up more than three terabits of bandwidth per second at its peak. You can imagine what kind of damage that would have done to a third party company’s system.

    Source: DeepField, The Wall Street Journal
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