• Apple Confirms the Acquisition of Digital Magazine Platform, Prss

    Apple has recently confirmed the purchase of Prss, a Dutch-based company that created a web app aimed to help people design magazines for Appleís Newsstand and other magazine platforms. Itís suggested that an inside source revealed the purchase, Prss co-founder Michel Elings recently moved to the Bay Area to help give credit to the claim and Apple confirmed the purchase shortly after. TechCrunch issued the following statement regarding the acquisition:

    Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.
    Furthermore, iCulture, said the following regarding Prss and its acquisition:

    The Dutch magazine platform Prss was acquired by Apple for an undisclosed amount. This discovery iCulture thanks to a knowledgeable source. This source confirms that several employees of Prss now employed by Apple.
    It should be noted that several Prss employees are now located in the Bay Area according to information from various LinkedIn profiles. The information suggests that their move may have taken place during the Summer. Prss, previously made the announcement in April that it would be shutting down in July, leaving the company website non-functional.

    For those of you who didnít know about it, Prss was known for creating a browser-based collaborative tool that could be used to design magazines that could be included in Appleís Newsstand. What made the tool so useful was that it had a simple drag-and-drop interface that let up to 30 people collaborate on a project. The team charged 5 cents per magazine download for the published content.

    The folks over at iCulture werenít able to confirm what role the Prss team will be taking on at Apple but they did suggest that the acquisition appears to be about talent as opposed to the product. That being said, Apple could potentially adopt the Prssís publishing platform, making it much cheaper for people to publish iPad magazines going forward.

    Source: iCulture, TechCrunch
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