• Recent Report Claims Apple Was Aware of iCloud Flaw Months Before Hacking Incident

    A recent report by The Daily Dot is claiming that Apple was well aware of an iCloud flaw months before the hacking incident that happened on September 1st. Many well-known celebrities’ iCloud accounts were hacked which resulted in thousands of private photos and videos of actresses and models. Apparently an independent security researcher by the name of Ibrahim Balic, has emails going back and forth between himself and Apple’s product security team members.

    According to Balic, he was able to bypass iCloud accounts via a ‘brute-force’ hacking method and notified Apple back in March of 2014. This method was able to test out 20,000 password combinations. He had recommended Apple set up a feature that would stop users from logging in after x amount of attempted tries. Apple had apparently responded back to the e-mail in May of 2014 saying that it "would take an extraordinarily long time to find a valid authentication token for an account.” Apple had continuously questioned Balic on his report and the validity of it.

    After the major incident, Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the issue and said it had nothing to do with a breach in any of the company’s accounts including iCloud. However, these e-mails from Balic appear to state otherwise. Take a look at the e-mail between Apple and Balic:

    Do you think Apple’s at fault? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: The Daily Dot
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